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    Home design ideas. ИДЕИ ДИЗАЙНА. Фото интерьера. Дизайн дома.


    Идеи дизайна. Design Ideas (video).


    The situation in the apartment (video).


    Фото интерьера. PHOTO VARIANT - 54

    Дизайн интерьера. PHOTO VARIANT - 55

    Дизайн дома. PHOTO VARIANT - 56

    Useful information

    In a room where you chop, dice, grate and handle hot foods, having the right kitchen lighting is key. Besides being above all practical, proper lighting can make your space feel more welcoming and help redefine your style. A stylish wall sconce, pendant or kitchen island light can easily become the focal point of the room, while well-placed track or under-cabinet lights can ensure no corner goes dark.

    If you're in the market for kitchen lights, consider the following:

    What type of lighting works best in the kitchen?

    Since the kitchen is both a social atmosphere and a workspace, you want a mixture of ambient and task lighting. Ambient lights will set the mood with a soft, overhead glow, while task lights will focus stronger light over an island or countertop. The key is balancing the two sources so the kitchen is as warm and inviting as it is functional.

    What types of ambient lighting should you consider?

    There are several different types to fit your style, all of which are generally ceiling-mounted. Try recessed for a clean, flush look, or track so you can adjust each fixture accordingly. To make a decorative statement, opt for pendants or chandeliers instead; they still spread the light but also help personalize the space.

    What types of task lighting are there to choose from?

    Like ambient light fixtures, many styles are available for task lighting. Under-cabinet lights ensure that your countertop space is well lit; puck lights or fluorescent strips will both do the trick. Pendants can also be used for tasks, as long as they are well placed in the space. In a larger kitchen, an island light covers the middle of the room and ensures safe food prep.

    What other lighting considerations should I keep in mind?

    Try to choose fixtures that are easy to clean, durable and can hold high-wattage bulbs for maximum light. Kitchens are high traffic areas with fluctuating heat levels and ingredients that can affect the quality if your fixtures over time. Your fixture must be able to withstand the elements while providing your kitchen with adequate light.

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