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Useful information

Despite being small and compact, nightstands end up housing a lot of different odds and ends, including alarm clocks, reading material, TV remotes, lamps, cell phones and water glasses. These handy tables are mostly for storage, but they also provide a decorative function by anchoring the look of your bed. Because of its double-duty purpose, your bedside table needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and therefore should include several shelves and drawers that match the style and finish of the rest of your furniture. Whether you're in the market for mirrored nightstands, black nightstands or white night stands, here are few tips to help you through your purchase.

What size should my nightstands be?

Nightstands are by nature fairly small, though the height can vary substantially. A too short or too tall nightstand is both uncomfortable to use and awkward looking when placed next to a taller (or shorter) bed. Look for a bedside table that’s within a few inches of the top of your mattress. In terms of width, you want the nightstands to complement the bed, not overpower it or feel too small. You should also consider the size of the room; a large room will need bigger furniture, as well as more of it, while narrow furniture will look just fine in a smaller space.

What style nightstand is best for my bedroom?

Although your bedside tables don't need to perfectly match the rest of your bedroom furniture, they should be a part of the same design family. For a contemporary look, pair rustic wood furniture with metal nightstands, or go bold by adding in a bright color or going stark with a black nightstand or white nightstand. A traditional style often includes a matching set, but you can use vintage pieces to add more character. Just don't mix too many different wood types — they can easily clash.

What if I don't have room for a bedside table?

Don't worry, your bedroom can still be functional. If you have a little extra space, just buy one and place a dresser next to the other side of the bed. You can also try freestanding or floating bedside tables, which take up zero floor space. To save even more space, there are even some beds and headboards that have built-in ledges.

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